The GT3 - Technical Engineering Office, Lda was formally constituted in the year 2002, as a result of a joint activity developed since 2000.

Initially dedicated to the execution of projects of engineering and inspection of works of special facilities, it now assures its expertise in areas related to the management, coordination and supervision of projects and projects, management of maintenance and maintenance of facilities, as well as audits, Energy and sustainability certifications.

Perfectly aware of the challenges and constraints of the Project - Construction - Construction cycle, the GT3 guarantees technical knowledge and delivery, suitability and independence, in the allocation of solutions and in the development of the various processes.

We have always wanted to create a company distinguished by the offer of services of ideal quality and added value; A company that presents a strong and constant image in the market, and is valued by its customers, employees and suppliers.


As a basis for sustained technical progress we establish the continuous training of all employees, the improvement of their own know-how in the areas of company activity and the real application of the ideal quality concept.

We are a company that distinguishes itself by offering quality services and added value.

- GT3 - Gabinete Técnico de Engenharia -

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