Creation / execution of specialty projects.
It is also responsible for programming and coordination between the various parties involved in the proceedings, as well as carrying out any and all actions with the various licensing entities.

In order to provide analysis analysis mechanisms, the initial investments, operating investments, amortization period and total savings obtained over the expected useful life are marked in all solution proposals. This provides a perception of the degree of liquidity and risk of the various investment studies.

From the preparation of investment studies, basic programs, previous studies, preliminary projects, licensing, execution projects, concluding with technical assistance to the implementation of solutions in the multiple intervention areas, of which we highlight:

  • Energy Certification (SCE)
  • BREEAM environmental certification
  • AVAC - heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Acoustics and electroacoustics
  • Central Heating
  • Aspiration and industrial dedusting
  • Pneumatic transportation and distribution
  • Compressed air
  • Collection, treatment and distribution of water
  • Thermal behavior - RCCTE
  • Smoke extraction
  • Renewable energy
  • Metallic structures
  • Lighting
  • Technical Energy Management / BMS
  • Hydraulics
  • Energy Systems - RSECE
  • Indoor air quality - QAI
  • Low, medium and high voltage electrical networks
  • Data networks and structured cabling - ITED
  • Networks for the storage, supply and distribution of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels
  • Industrial and food refrigeration
  • Active and passive fire safety
  • Anti-intrusion and CCTV Security
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Electromechanical and gravitational lifting and transport systems
  • Solid waste storage and disposal systems
  • Medical gases.


We manage, coordinate and inspect buildings in order to assist our clients with regard to investment management, as well as coordination and technical supervision of construction of special facilities.

Our actions focus on project analysis and review, control and certification of costs and times, global and particular planning of the works, as well as verification and validation of the correct execution of the target facilities.


Aware of the Project - Construction - Construction cycle and responding to requests and market expectations, this valency was created with the main objective to ensure that the existing special installations are in operation within the optimal parameters of operation for which they were defined.

To this end, actions and check routines (preventive maintenance plans, watchdog, etc.) are developed, taking into account the balance between associated operating and maintenance costs.

Whenever considered pertinent, corrective actions for the various situations are also suggested. These are designed to preserve and increase the degree of sustainability of the various special facilities present, in order to guarantee optimum performance.


Aware of the growing challenges and requirements regarding performance, efficiency and energy sustainability, in 2006 the nucleus of energy certification was created.

It is composed of a group of recognized qualified experts (PQ's) with validity in all areas of intervention within the scope of the National Energy Certification System (REH and RECS), which ensures the analysis according to the thermal behavior, energy and Indoor air quality of all stages of development and design of a property. From the support in the design and conception of the projected constructive solutions, through the monitoring of the real concretion in works, to the support in the exploration and operation of the same, we accompany the whole useful life of the various investments.

In response to the current global sustainability needs to which all buildings are linked, in 2016 we certified our technicians in the BREEAM In Use UK & International, by BRE AC (Building Research Establishment Academy). In this way, it is possible to carry out an analysis not only in the energy sector, but also considering the impact of the materials used and present, the use and exploitation of water, the level of health and well-being of users and surroundings, operation and property management , Land use and ecology, pollution generated, accessibility and transportation, as well as generated waste. It is based on this platform of analysis, which is based on the 7 fundamental chapters of sustainability of buildings, which we can even obtain a classification of the level obtained compared to other existing buildings.


Because not always the edified corresponds to the expectations generated, either from the point of view of building, or the results of exploration and operation obtained, it became necessary to create a working group aimed at conducting audits and surveys of electromechanical, energy And environmental issues.

In this way, it is possible to carry out the analysis of the projected systems, and / or their implementation and technical installation, as well as the degree of operationality, readiness and maintainability obtained. As a complement to the expert's report, we provide the supplement in the form of a technical audit.